Saturday, October 4, 2014

Frontier League

I found a new place to ride. It's way too bad it's a 2 hour drive over Berthod pass, because I so want to try it.

T had a race today. Probably the last race of his freshman year. If that's the case, he is planning on taking off a week and then starting his practice runs three times a week. We tested him running with Lily and she did awesome, so going forward, he will run with her for his training. Well, unless he is running inside.

The race was at Snow Mountain Ranch, a YMCA camp about a half hour from Winter Park. It's set in beautiful country and I would love to be able to ride all of the trails associated with the camp. It is also very hilly and at 8900 feet. This was the most aggressive race course T has ran on.

And yes, I was that parent.

He finished strong, even with the course ending on an uphill (what kind of sadist ends a 5 k on an uphill?). There was one climb that had even the varsity guys slowing down to walk part of it. T said he ran the whole course. He looked comfortable and still had gas in the tank at the end. I can't wait to see what he can do with a full year of prep runs under his belt.

 We took Lily with us for socialization and to keep her from barking at her sister all day. 
She was awesome, but spent most of the time shivering with excitement/dread. So hard to tell with these dogs. She was as exhausted as the boy was.

 Car ride home

 Lily too.
And me. Altitude really hits me hard.


  1. You must be bursting with pride!! GO T!!!!

  2. Congrats T! Can't wait to cheer you on at your next race!

  3. They are so cute napping in the car!