Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday Bling

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear meeeeeee, Happy Birthday to me.

On Monday I turn older than dirt. Ok, maybe not that old, but at least one day older. There was only one thing on my wish list: a Bling bridle to match my breast collar from Two Horse Tack.

Here is Ashke sporting the breast collar, bright blue with dark blue bling. Biothane, which I'm beginning to like a lot, since cleaning it means hosing it down and I am all about the efficiency.

So, I told J what I wanted and that we had the money to order it. She said, "get it up on the website with everything you want and I will push the button." I did just that, picking out a matching bridle and bling reins, then handed her the computer so she could push the complete order button. That's how we roll.

It was dropped off at my work about lunch. I really should have waited until I got home and opened it in front of my family, but I have zero patience, so I opened it at work. It is beautiful.

 Then I texted J a pic and asked if I could take it to the barn. She said yes, because she loves me.

I think it looks pretty freaking awesome and it fits very well. I think the fit will continue to get better as the biothane breaks in and softens just a touch.

 Ashke wasn't sure about it being in the middle of his face. When I first asked him to walk forward with me on his back, he took big hesitant steps like he was trying to step over the straps he could see.

 I ordered it in the Arab size with the longer roper reins. I still need to tweak the browband a bit, which I did a little of in the arena which tightened the straps across his face. But I might need to do a little more.

 The nose strap is very loose and I could most of my hand in it. The throat latch is a little tight, but I think once it softens, that too will not be an issue.

I think it looks pretty darn gorgeous on him. He was admiring himself in the mirror in the indoor while we were riding tonight.

Saiph - do you see what I mean about the chin strap dangle being super long?

Now we just need a parade or something fancy to do . . . .


  1. Love the bling - my boy sports yellow biothane with blue bling on his breastplate :)

  2. OMG I love it! Gorgeous. Happy birthday indeed!

  3. I am in love with biothane tack -- all of Simba's stuff was biothane, and I hope to reuse all of it on something else when the day comes.

    1. I love that a rinse in hot water and a soft towel and the tack looks brand new. We shall see if it holds up for five or ten years.

  4. Blogger ate my comment! Here goes again:
    He looks beautiful in it!!! That shade of blue looks stunning on him. I like the white stitching Two Horse Tack uses; it adds a nice touch, especially for tack being used on a white horse. I love biothane; I was already using it back in PR to avoid having to deal with moldy leather tack due to the high humidity. (And yes, I still have one of those bridles! I've had it for 15 years! :D) The quality of biothane bridlework in general has improved a ton throughout the years.

    I see what you mean about the curb chain. Can you cut the excess with bolt cutters? Or maybe double the excess onto the curb hook?

  5. Happy birthday to you! That color and bling looks fabulous on Ashke!

  6. He looks super, super fancy in it! Happy Birthday

  7. Happy belated birthday!! I love that bridle! I've wanted one since I saw it the first time. It looks fantastic on him! I love that we use the same color blue so I can admire it on Ashke and see what it will look like on Chrome someday! :-)