Monday, July 7, 2014


I laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh

For twenty minutes we laughed.

I had to get out of the arena, since I was in the way

For twenty minutes J and I stood and watch him play with the ball.
The horses behind us were all losing their minds
I think, if he could have, he would have tossed the ball at them

He came over and let me know when he was done.


  1. Ashke is one of a kind. He reminds me much more of a dog at play than any horse I've ever seen play with a ball before. He loves his ball so much! I agree: he'd be an amazing cow horse!

  2. He's having a great time playing and looking incredibly beautiful while doing it! We've often talked about putting a ball in the field with a group if horses to see if they would all play with it.

  3. What a hoot! He is such a character.

  4. How cute is he?! I just love how happy he is playing!

  5. Love how he trotted over to you all proud of himself. Super cute!!

  6. That is so awesome! Aske looks so happy. We have a big ball like that. If I roll it to Major he just lets it bounce off him and looks at me like "what am I supposed to do with this?" I need to show him your videos as a tutorial!

    1. He's been like this with his ball since I first bought it. I would leave it in his run, but he shoves it under the fence to the other runs, and those horses completely freak out.

  7. He knows how to have a good time!

  8. I love Ashke!! He is so adorable! I really need one of those balls. Looks like so much fun. :D