Wednesday, July 2, 2014


We rode tonight in the outdoor arena, maneuvering our way around jumps and other scary objects. We worked on trotting in a circle (more like a lopside oval, but whatever), trotting in a circle while Cali is doing other things at the other end of the arena, and being rounded in the shank Myler bit in one hand.

The one handed thing did not last when we started to work on trot/canter transitions. Over all the boy did good. He tried hard and for the very first time ever, he did those little snorts that horses do when they canter. He is able to be round and use him back while doing the transitions, and during the canter, and he isn't falling apart when we move back down to the trot. Both leads in both directions. He dun good.

N and Cali had a good ride, wherein N didn't fight with Cali and Cali didn't act like an ass. And she picked up her right lead canter. And N didn't have to use her spurs. A win all around.

 Cutest Fly Bonnet EVER!!

It came with three inch fringe that I had to trim.

You can tell by the ears, he's still not sure.

This weekend we ride a lot.


  1. Ashke, you're a doll in that bonnet.I love all the blues!

  2. Where did you get the bonnet? Would like to get one in the same color for Sydney. :)

    1. I tried to order one from Amazon, but it was going to take three weeks to ship, so I went through Smartpak and had it sent with Ashke's supps. (I have Amazon Prime and am all about the free shipping.) The fringe on the one I ordered was so long, it hung over his eyes. (Refined Arab head). I had to trim it. And I will probably add some bead work along the edges.

  3. Very cute!!!!! It looks a lot like mine. In fact that's the color I ordered but somehow they sent black instead. Oh well I like the black too. Chrome ignored his from the start but he doesn't like when his ears sweat underneath it lol! I bet Ashke will like it when he realizes it keeps the gnats off.