Friday, February 28, 2014


I rode in the Wintec for the second time tonight and two things really struck me . . .

One, he is moving out so much freer under this saddle than he was in the Trekker. My laddie is just not a narrow horse any more. I think his back may still be a bit tender so I sprayed him with Sore No More, and used the BOT AP saddle pad. After our ride I covered him with the BOT long blanket under his fleece cooler and let him stand in it for fifteen minutes while I pulled my saddle out and reorganized my stuff.

Two, I am no longer struggling to ride the canter. Somewhere in riding bareback I think I found my inner 12 year old and am finally riding and not worrying.

Finally, in addition to W/T/C, we worked on sidepassing over a pole. We did it twice and Ashke figured out what I wanted. I praised him a lot. Then every time we stepped over the pole, Ashke immediately and without hesitation sidepassed to the left off the bar. Without waiting for a cue. Would not even consider moving to the right. So, as long as the event allows us to sidepass to the left, we will be okay. I finally, after some fighting and misunderstanding, got him to take two steps to the right, so I left it there.

More riding tomorrow.

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