Thursday, February 20, 2014


Ashke was running a fever of 102.4 yesterday, and 102.8 today. He was treated with a dose of Banamine. We also changed his base feed from wet timothy hay pellets (which he has never really liked) to bran as a base for mixing in his Equipride, smart pak and a little salt. He spreads his jaws wide and bites deep into the mash. He's always enjoyed them, but I stopped while he was still on alfalfa. Now that he's off, the amount we are feeding shouldn't bother him. One of the nice things is that we can make it really sloppy and he'll still eat it.

You'd think a horse that had once almost been starved to death wouldn't be so darn picky. But he is.

I'm going out tomorrow to check on him, maybe hand walk him a bit, and love on him alot.

The vet says it's Rhinovirus. Ashke is the fourth in the barn to show symptoms. It started with Cali, who was running temps in the 105 range, then Cassini got it. Cassini is in the stall right next to Ashke. Then Pico, who is on the other side of Cassini came down with it. Now Ashke. Who knows who else might be showing symptoms by tomorrow.

They were all vaccinated in the fall round of vaccines. Sometimes it just doesn't take, I guess.

Duration seems to be four to five days, although Cali has been off a week and still kind of huffy. She had a sinus infection, though.

Maybe I can ride on Sunday.


  1. Couple of things. Its possible he'd be a lot worse without the fall vacc. also it could be that the rhino came in early this year before his spring vacc since its a twice a year thing. Hope he feels better soon.

  2. Get well soon Ashke!

  3. No fever this morning! Fingers crossed he just got a touch and is all better now!!