Saturday, February 1, 2014


I was supposed to go to the barn this morning to ride with N and Cali. It was snowing and a high of 23. We are the House of Sick, right now, and I just couldn't find the energy to go out this morning. Cassandra had a Show Season Planning meeting at 4 and I really didn't want to drive for an hour in the snow twice today.  So, I bailed on the riding part of my day, choosing to hang out at home instead. I headed to the barn about 2:30 with the intention of letting Ashke play in the snow in the outdoor for ten minutes or so before the planning meeting.

When I got there, F was getting out of her car carrying her new dressage bridle. She found a bit similar to the one Cassandra has been riding Amaar in and brought it out to try it on Amaar. They are going to do a lesson on Monday to see how he goes in it and they are also moving him into the shed row so Cassandra can catch him. He has been very evasive. I asked F is she wanted to run Amaar with Ashke and she said that sounded like a plan. Ashke greeted me with whinnies when he heard my voice, then shoved his head into the halter when I got to his stall. (According to N, he was very upset that she was there this morning and I wasn't. He whinnied for me non-stop for forty-five minutes. Good thing the barn crew likes him.) When I walked him outside to meet Amaar, he was very snorty and dancy, not rude with it, but very up. He loves playing in the snow.

As we were walking down the slight slope from the barn to the outdoor, my foot slipped on the ice under the snow and I lurched sideways, kind of stumbling into him. He stopped and braced, a soft nicker coming from him and turned his head to make sure I was okay. I straightened and Ashke shoved his nose in my face, licking my chin and cheek, soft whickers coming from him. I was laughing so hard, I had a hard time getting him to stop. My Arabian, you know, the breed known for being a "hot" horse, snorty and dancy, positioned himself under my hand and walked solid and steady through the snow, his head dipped, watching me to make sure I didn't slip again. It was the sweetest thing, ever.

We turned him and Amaar loose and I video taped them.

If two grey horses run through the snow and you can't see them are they still running?


  1. They look so happy! I love how much he's showing off for you. Too cute!

  2. They are so cute together! :)