Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Mind Boggles

They come in Peppermint or Golden Apple.

Peppermint flavored pop-up wipes make bit cleaning fun! Treat your horse and yourself to a clean, tasty bit every time.
Regular use of Peppermint Bit Wipes promotes acceptance of the bit, and keeps bits sparkling clean. All natural, human grade ingredients leave no oily after feel like traditional wipes.

Perfect for many uses- clean nostrils, hooves, dock, faces, and hands. Canister of 40 7" x 8" wipes. 

Okay, so why would you use them on your horses hooves, their dock or your own face. Seriously.

Dirty and sticking zippers are a thing of the past! Pharmaka Zipper Saver Spray cleans and lubricates zippers, prolonging their life and reducing the chance of blowouts and damage. Simply apply to the length of the zipper and work the zipper several times to evenly distribute the product. Does not smear or stain leather and clothing.

 I'm pretty sure this is German for WD-40. I'm not believing it doesn't stain leather or clothing.

Trophy Tails Hunter Tail Extensions are made from 100% natural un-dyed horsehair taken from LIVE horses. Only live horses that are well cared for have the glossy healthy hair that we feel will blend with your horse’s beautiful healthy tail. One pound tails come standard 38 inches long and half pound tails come standard 37 inches long. This is typically much longer than is required on most horses, but you are given the most hair for your money, knowing that you can trim down to a PERFECT fit. Remember, you can always trim, but you can’t add!

Soooo, let me get this right . . . you are going to spend $160 for a horse tail and then cut it? 

The EQyss Premier Color Intensifying System leaves your horses coat shiny and enhances the color.

How? How does this bottle of shampoo and conditioner enhance the color? Does it work better on one color over another? It didn't really say.

The Humane Twitch can be used by one person. Aluminum handle, cotton tie and swivel snap. 

Let's not fool ourselves here, this twitch is no more humane than any other twitch. And yes, I know that sometimes they are necessary, but I would never say they are humane. It does, however, allow you to twitch your horse and then wrap the handle with the cotton tie and snap it to the halter, leaving the user hands free. Nice, right?

Sorry, just a few items I found while surfing Smart-paks website. Had to share.



  1. I hate the Eqyss products so much.

  2. The bit wipes are actually pretty nifty -- I've used them on my own hands after using something goopy or slimy (vaseline or mane and tail detangler, ect) but STAY AWAY FROM THE APPLE ONES. They smell like vomit.

    1. Good to know. Have you used them on the bit?

  3. the bit wipes - now i've seen everything: ) the zipper spray - i read some reviews in a german catalog that sells it and one reviewer says it does not stain leather (really?) and a lot of people gave the stuff 5 stars but write, "using this hoping it will keep my zippers from breaking" so not really very helpful. i was excited, when i came to germany, to see if they actually have wd40, and they do, but they of course don't pronounce it the way we do. the tails: from live horses? yes, right before they go to slaughter. when they cut the tail off probably doesn't matter at all - or is hair alive? and if i have to use a twitch (if a vet insists) i want one that i can remove instantly, not with effort when the horse is protesting. that happened a couple weeks ago. i was just glad we had a rope twitch so it couldn't be used as a deadly weapon. the color shampoo - i wanna know how that works too. is it like that car wax for specific car colors? i have my doubts about that stuff. however, quicsilver for grey horses really really works: )