Thursday, June 6, 2013


On Weds I went out to say goodbye to Ashke and Nicole. Michelle had come to the barn to fit Cali with gloves, so we can trail ride again. Michelle said that hundreds of barefoot horses across the front range are having issues with tenderness because of the moisture we've had this year. She took one of her tools and showed Nicole how soft the sole of Cali's foot was and how much movement in her sole there was when any pressure was applied. Cali ended up needing 1.5 W on the front and 2s on her backs.

I pulled Ashke out of his stall and we wandered around a bit.

It did not go well.

I'm blaming Cali.

She was in heat (squirty kind of heat and was teasing him) and although he wasn't acting like a stud, it was obvious he wanted nothing to do with leaving her. He was very snorty. Twice he shouldered into me to turn me around and the third time he tried I stopped him, making him stay to my right, which really pissed him off. He reared up and spun around, wrapping the lead rope around the top of his neck and pulling back against his halter. He didn't freak out, but stood and waited for me to untangle him. He was still being a complete nutcase, so I asked him to move out into a circle around me, thinking I would work a little of the yah-yahs out of his system.

He did two and a half circles and then reared again and spun, throwing his left leg over the lead rope.

All hell broke loose. Guess I need to work on the rope stuff some more.

I let go rather than have him throw himself over backwards into the creek. He turned and raced back toward the barn. I followed him in disgust, yelling "loose horse" through my cupped hands. He went right back to Nicole and Cali.

I took him to the round pen and ran him around in circles for a while. Little bugger.

Thursday we went on vacation. Cassandra will be working him every other day in the training system. Ha!


  1. Oh Karen, so sorry about the "Studlike" episode.

    I had a similar one at my last boarding place...riding in an open field. Non-horse husband decides to pull the loudest,clankist truck and trailer down the driveway, as i am trying to ride in the mare in season, within sight of her buds... decides that the LOUD CRAP happening is too too much and Bucks my butt off!
    I cup my hands and YELL, " LOOSE HORSE" as she runs for home down the long drive and into the street and back to the barn...crunching my Easycare , easy rider,metal stirrup, flat!!!
    I tried to stay on and landed almost on my feet...making the stirrup almost come off the bar!

    Anywho...I hope you are having a nice Vaca! The beaches nice for you?!

  2. The weather has been perfect. I wish Ashke were here. J hates to fly and had a rough day yesterday, plus T had the flu the day before we flew out, so they are both kind of under the weather. Our day was taken up with pre-wedding preparations and the 18 month old was wore out by our antics. She was asleep by 6. Tonight is the bachelor party. We don't hit the beach until Monday.