Friday, June 14, 2013

Final Friday

Early morning ocean on our last day here.


At low tide we hiked down the beach to the tide pools.


Thirteen is such a strange age, full of changes with the last glimpses of childhood fading from our man-child.



Star fish.


And more starfishes.


The mussels were huge - longer than my hand.


And the starfish were working very hard at prying them loose from the rock. We figure the reason for so many starfish is because of the size of the mussels.


It takes exactly two minutes for the tide to change and start coming back in.


Triumphant starfish. Soon to be eaten mussel. Relatively soon, I mean.

Didn't take long for the water to trap us in the rocks. We headed back.


J caught the God-daughter plague (I forgot what kind of germ mobile small children are) and spent a couple of hours on the couch. T and I enjoyed flying our kites in the incredible wind (30 mph) until we managed to tangle them and his kite cut my string. We are going to hit a kite shop on the way out of town to replace them.


End of our day.

End of our week. It's been an incredible time. Tomorrow we make our way home.


  1. Karen So Happy For Your Great Time....Lovedd Seeing Our Ocean, Through Your Captures. The Sunset Oou La La!
    Sorry For The Illness...

    Safe Travels All!

  2. Hey, I left a comment yesterday, and it didn't show up. Just wanted to say it looks so nice there. Love the starfish and mussels.