Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Shoulder Spot

Do you see the black splashtch on his left shoulder? That is from a fly sheet rubbing all of the white, grey and bay hair away and leaving a patch of skin. Yes, his skin is black except where he has patches of white - on his face, his legs and a place on his neck. This is typical for a grey Arabian and actually helps reduce the heat they absorb in the sun, reduces the risk of sunburn, et al.

Why does he have a black splashtch on his shoulder? It's because I mistakenly thought that the fly sheet I purchased late last summer when Christensen's had the Pigeon Fever outbreak would still fit him six months later.

I should have twigged to the fact that it was too small now when I buckled the chest straps at the very last hole on the straps instead of the tightest hole on them.

What this means is my poor skinny thin boy of a year ago has gained more than six inches of beefcake across his chest. Woo Hooo! My weight tape measuring device I got at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo puts his weight between 1100 and 1200 pounds. Really?

I am amazed and enthralled by this horse. As J says every time she sees him - he is so strong.


  1. I feel stupid. I thought it was like one of those bloody shoulder spots that Arabians get (which are cool markings) lol.

    1. Don't feel stupid. I'm the one that feels stupid. One of us is enough.

  2. Love the header! It's gorgeous!
    Beefcake is good!
    So sorry about the shoulder sore. In winter you can use a Shoulder Guard under blankets to help prevent that, but I'm guessing one would be too hot in summer.

  3. That Is Simply Amazing, Chalk The Love, Care And Hard(Fun) Work Had Really Transformed That Boy!
    Massage With Calm Coat...He'll Grow All That Lovely Coat Back.

    God Sure Knew What Be Was Doing With That Black Under Skin...That's So Cool

  4. Tell Me Again...Your Make Of Saddle

    1. It is a Trekker Land by Prestige. According to their website:

      The best thing in trekking saddles. The seat is suspended and floating thanks to an intertwining webbing . On longdistance rides this assures comfortable seating that is cushioned against movement. The size of the withers bar and seat is standard. The saddle can be entirely taken apart to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. A single flap saddle with mid-size blocks that are anatomically shaped (banana blocks). The panels are in felt covered with synthetic fleece. Leathercovered panels are available on request. The billets are long.

      I have to tell you, I absolutely love this saddle. It has a deep and secure seat for the rider without impacting the horse's back since it flexes across the webbing and keeps a nice, even connection to his back. It is super light. And best of all it is based on a calvary saddle and you can purchase a saber to attach to it. How cool is that?

      I have ridden for three hours in it, most at a sitting trot, and his back has not been sore in the slightest at the end of that ride. That to me says a lot about the saddle. It fits his back so well I think I could mount from the side using the stirrup without it being cinched tight. It is worth every penny.

  5. Oh You!!# I've Been In Love With The Entire"Prestige" Line Of Saddles...Because Of You!!
    Thank You Fire Telling Me About Them. There Is A Rep Near Me Too, I'm Going To Get A Saddle Fitting!!
    I've 2 Saddles To Sell To Get It...Better Get Cracking!