Friday, May 3, 2013

Thursday Night Lights

N and her hubby opted for a rare date night on Thursday night, so I was at the barn by myself. Well, not exactly. See, on Weds. we had another snow storm and all of the trainers rescheduled for Thursday night. Typically on Thursday night we have the arena to ourselves. Last night, however, we were sharing it with eight or nine other horses.

Ashke was okay. His feet are still bothering him. It feels to me like they have gotten way to long and he's struggling to break over on his right front. We did have several nice canters, but his trot was just not smooth. I can't tell if it's because he hates to trot, he's trying to canter, or if the trot gives him more to look at when we go so he's not concentrating on me. Or if the trot is more difficult on his back. I just can't get him to settle into it.

There was a horse in the arena that he was completely smitten by her. She was a ghost paint warmblood or TB, based on size and conformation. She was beautiful. Ashke kept trying to chase her around the arena.

I see Michelle at 3:30 today. Hope she tells me everything is okay, his feet are just long.

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  1. I do miss an indoor arena on snowy days!
    I hope the hooves are fine. Keep us posted.