Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Night

Last night was the last dose of Bute for Ashke. I went to the barn immediately after work and when I walked in his stall he was standing at the far end of his run in the sun. The end of his nose is sunburned a little (he must be looking at the clouds for that part of his nose to be sunburned) but he seems to be enjoying the rays. I stood in the doorway of the stall, looking down the run at him. He nickered and walked to me. I turned and dumped the carrots in his feed bin, then when he had a mouthful, I slipped the bute into his mouth and squirted it along the side of his tongue.

He wasn't able to spit it out and after making faces at me, he ate his carrots.

I noticed his water buckets were empty, so I took them to the wash stall to fill them up. It took forever. When I got back, he was back at the far end of the run in the sun again. I walked to the doorway to say goodbye, wondering if he was going to trot up to me. The horse in the run to the left of where I was standing stuck his head over the run to try and entice me to pet him. I didn't, because I knew it would upset Ashke and I wanted to see what he would do. Ashke's ears came up and then he trotted down the fence line towards us. About half way down he pinned his ears and began flicking his nose at the horse next door. When he got up to me, he buried his face against my chest.

I guess he announced that I am his.

Green-eyed boy.