Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back on Track

Many of you may know of this brand. It seems to be widely regarded in the horse community. I discovered it when N purchased half the store for her horse Cali. It seems to be an awesome product with a lot of positive benefits.

So, when my back really started to bother me, and let's face it, started to impede my ability to ride better, farther and faster, I started to look for some type of support. N suggested I look at the BOT website, because they make products for people and horses and dogs. I went on the website and found this:

There were a lot of reviews about this product and one of the things that was said over and over again was that people who weren't able to ride because of back pain were able to ride after they got this brace. I decided to take a chance and see if it helped.

I wear it mostly when I am going to be on my feet or when I ride. It does hold me a bit stiff in the saddle, but it has almost completely eleviated my back pain while riding. It is difficult to wear when I have to sit in a chair all day, but other than that I have been very satisfied with the product.

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