Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten Things I Love About TMR

10. Blanketing and unblanketing is included with the monthly fee.

9. Horses are fed 4 times a day - the quality of hay is great and Ashke has plenty to eat. He is on 6 flakes of mix a day and supplements. We could add another flake of mix and up to 6# grain if we ever needed to. (Although, I can't imagine him on grain.)

8. The barn is heated to about 45 degrees. And there is no wind tunnel. It is so comfortable to groom and tack up.

7. The indoor arena is huge. Awesomely huge. And the footing is much better than the other barn. They are mixing shavings in with the sand. There is a huge fan to blow the dust out during the summer.

6. Everyone wears a helmet. Seriously. I think I've seen three western riders out of everyone at the barn, who wear cowboy hats instead of helmets.

5. There are a lot of kids. T and R played together on Saturday and no one cared, except Nicole when Cali got spooked and even then the boys listened well and stood still until the horses were past where they were playing.

4. I love that so far Ashke hasn't had any medical issues at this barn. No colic. No scrapes or cuts.

3. I love that I can have a barefoot farrier come to the barn to work on Ashke's feet. They are better right now than they have been since I brought him home.

2. Stall gate. I love that I can have a stall gate on his stall. I love that he can hang out and drag the blankets off the stalls around him. I love that he can be so involved in everything going on. He seems so much happier than before.

1.1 I love the Mesa and riding trails that are around.

1.2 I love that everyone has been so sweet to Ashke. I love hearing how cute he is. And a couple of the trainers have correctly identified that he is Straight Egyptian. I hear a lot how wonderful his head is and I concur.

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