Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Abounds today . . .

1. Nicole had Dr Long, one of the barn vets and the guy we are using now, come out to look at Cali's leg. Her right hind has been slightly swollen for about six weeks, going up and down but not really getting better. Dr Long diagnosed a splint. There are two splint bones that run alongside the cannon bone, between the knee and the fetlock. These can be caused by trauma (kick or bruise), a horse hitting themselves, or where the ligament overstretches and becomes inflamed. The latter can be common in young horses and/or caused by imbalanced feet. Dr Long told Nicole she could walk and trot. No cantering and no collection. She can ride the Mesa, but has to wait until its dry. And she needs to give Cali time to grow. Nicole is pretty disappointed.

2. Ashke, poophead, has already figured out how to get his nose in the air and ignore everything he is asked to do. Time to go back to the bit. I am going to try a martingale instead of the running martingale to see if I can get his nose down. I am also going to try a raised snaffle bit by Mark Rashid for his mouth. I ordered it in 4.5 inch wide, because I think a huge part of the problem is the width of his mouth. I am disappointed that the sidepull isn't going to work full time. I'm still hopeful I can use it trail riding.

3. Ashke isn't real interested in playing with his ball any more. We tried a bit today and although we moved it up and down the arena, he was pretty bored. I'm pretty disappointed.

4. Ashke would not back up for anything today. That connection I was feeling the last time I rode is gone. Nothing went right, although he did pick up his right lead a couple of times.

Ashke is progressing nicely on learning to bow. I will try to get pictures next time to post.

Nicole gave R a ride after she was finished with Cali. He was a pretty happy kid.

And we just found out that Jean is quitting managing TMR. Neither Nicole or I are happy with the impending change. Crap.

Not a good start to 2013.

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