Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday, Rest Day

We didn't think this through very well, since tomorrow I probably will miss seeing Ashke for the first time since he moved here. Tomorrow is T's last concert and it usually runs for several hours. By the time we are done there it will be close to 9 pm and way too late to go see Ashke. So, he gets his two days of rest in a row this week. My game plan was to ride him in the big outdoor arena Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then in the field after arena work on Wednesday. Just to give him a new venue and different footing to work through. I also found out from a woman at the stable that there is access to horse trails at 152 and Zuni, which is really close to where we are and should be relatively easy to get to. The trails are wide and grass, which is awesome to think about riding on. I can't wait until I can get him out.

So, today he was groomed, his leggins put on and turned out into the field with a flock of birds.

I'm very happy with the way he looks. The exercise is helping build muscle in his shoulder and back and keeping his belly to a minimum.

I figure the birds were there because there was some sort of insect moving around as the horse grazed. At one point they had Ashke surrounded.

Slowly but surely we are getting the muscle where there used to just be bone and skin. Aren't his purple boots just absolutely awesome?

Picture of shoulder, ribs and hip at six weeks. Please ignore the splotches of green. It was too cold and rainy to wash him this week.

He walked across the field to get carrots from J.

He is not above begging and pleading and when that doesn't work, maybe a bit of nipping.

My mom thinks I just need a stick to go with my carrot and I could encourage him to go anywhere.

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