Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Easy Day

Last night was Ashke's day off. We went out and turned Ashke loose in the pasture and let him eat for an hour. Fed him treats. Gave him love.

Tonight was an easy night. I think he was a bit sore and seemed to be stiff as well. I am planning on calling the farrier tomorrow and seeing if I can get him out sooner to put shoes on him. Between the rapid hoof growth and the increased exercise, I think it is warranted. Also, he paws when he eats or when he is in his stall and the front part of his hoof is worn down.

We worked in the round pen for about 20 minutes. He did not want to canter.

Ashke is really good at stopping when I say "Whoa."

He was very stiff on the right side. I keep reminding myself that he is very much out of shape, so we took it easy tonight.

What a pretty face, my boy has.

He was watching me put the carriage whip away. 

We rode around the round pen a couple of times but it was obvious the boy was stiff.

And sleepy.

We walked and trotted around the outside of the big arena. Ashke is getting much better at moving from a trot to a walk without stopping first. And going to a trot from a walk without fighting me. He hasn't tried to throw me since Friday night.

After our light ride, I took him back in and gave him a pretty good massage in his haunches. It must have felt good because he kept leaning into my hands. I rubbed him with horse liniment to help with the stiffness. The last time I did that it made a huge difference. I don't want him to be sore, but the only way to work through this type of discomfort is to continue to move. Albeit gently.

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