Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Learning Quickly

It is good to have a plan. I can see measurable progress with Ashke.

Today he got shoes on and he did great. Grace, the stable manager, held him, since I couldn't be there. (This is probably how its going to be going forward, since the farrier works during the day). His feet look great and the farrier thinks they are just going to improve as we go forward. Ashke stood pretty well for Grace. He acted up a bit with his back right, but the farrier said he was much better than when he was trimmed. My working with his feet daily is working.

The shoes are helping already. Ashke wasn't favoring his feet at all and seemed to be pretty happy once he got used to moving in them. His hooves will look so much better once they have grown out.

 Ashke is doing great with the lunging and then riding plan.

 My trust that he isn't going to try and throw me is growing, but still not 100%.

 We are working out understanding each other and him correctly interpreting my cues.

 This is a pic that T took. He has a great eye.

 Someone pulled their trailer in and Ashke lost all focus.

 For some reason, trailers are a good thing.

Another great pic by T.

Ashke has begun to pick up on his neck reining cues. I'm sure he is ready to be done with the round pen.

He picks up his correct leads. I wish I could say it was training, but I think it was just him.

Tomorrow is rest day. He gets to spend an hour or so in the field eating and being a horse.

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