Thursday, May 17, 2012

So Upset

I cried all the way home.

Not good for an adult woman who has survived all of the things that I've survived to be reduced to tears by a horse.

He bit me. I'm not happy. I didn't want a horse that bites. The only horse I have ever worked with that bit was Sham and he was walking dog food, I swear. Ashke bites and has been doing this for awhile, because when he bites he throws his head up as if he is used to being smacked. I, for the most part, have been trying to keep out of his way and not give him the opportunity to bite. He's pretty quick though and he bit me on the arm tonight as I was letting him graze. I lost my temper and smacked him across the nose, then shanked his lead rope and backed him up across the parking lot while yelling at him. When I led him back into his stall I removed all of his carrots from his feed bin because I was still angry. He was very apologetic, but I think it was more because he knew I was angry and not because he knows he shouldn't bite.

Before that, we had a fairly decent night. He didn't fight much and is beginning to turn nicely when asked. He is still sticky when turning to the right, but does the left well. He stops pretty quick when asked.

He is still favoring his right front foot a little bit. There is no heat or swelling, I think it just gets tired quicker than the others.

We worked for about 40 minutes at the walk and the trot. He is still squirrelly enough that I'm not ready to push the trot.

He is beginning to develop muscle. At the end of our workouts he is warm and the blood vessels are standing out under his skin.

His barrel is slimming and he is putting muscle on across his back. His chest is developing. We are definitely making progress.

See how strong his neck is looking. It almost has a crest.

He has a great running walk/slow trot thing that he does. Its going to be a great gait for endurance.

Almost seven weeks of loving care, good food and stimulating experiences. . . . and then he bites me!

I made need to rethink this.

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