Friday, February 3, 2017

Truck Upgrade

For those of us who own rigs and haul trailers, I think one of the biggest challenges is hitching up alone. It's part skill, mostly luck and a lot of practice to get the ball under the hitch at just the right spot to be able to drop, push, pull or kick them into place. Technology has helped this a lot and back up cameras are a wonderous thing. That is, until sun and shadow combine to mask the joining of ball and hitch.

J hates that.

This week we corrected the issue by installing small truck lights on the back bumper, angled to illuminate the hitch.

Installed in the back and wired to the cab

Installed button for the back up lights

J is happy. This was something she wanted for the holidays, but since we got a furnace, she had to wait until now to get the lights. Now we can hook up in the dark, all alone, and in various shades of sunlight without struggling to see past the solar flare!!

Weds I couldn't take my lesson because of ice, so we dropped by on Thursday to check on Ashke and provide a warm mash. I let him out to dirty himself and play with his ball.

My fav is when he rears over the ball, which he does a lot of as long as I am not videoing.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! That will help with hitching so much.
    I like that he's playing in the scary corner so nonchalantly. Maybe some day that will carry over when you are riding, too.