Friday, February 17, 2017


In December of 2013, I upgraded my helmet from a white "toilet bowl" helmet (or mushroom if that makes you feel better) to an Ovation Extreme Helmet.

Just like this, only navy blue and black.

Lasted me for three years and almost fifteen hundred trail miles. Not bad for a $75 helmet. In December of 2016, one of the harness straps pulled free of the foam and it was no longer safe to wear. We drove to Dover and purchased another helmet in the same make, model and color. It fits really nice and is extremely comfortable.

I drove back down to Dover today, while fighting a horrible cold, to exchange the Ovation for a different brand (failure of that kind after three years is acceptable, but not after two months). The woman there said that the Ovation Extreme has had this issue recently (you would think they would stop carrying something that was flawed). I tried on a One K Defender model in small, medium and large. The large was the better fit.

It's very similar in shape and fit, but not adjustable. I think the fit is much better overall.

Of course, it was three times the price of the Ovation.

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  1. Take careful care of yourself! Lots and lots of rest is absolutely necessary, which I know is really hard, especially right now. This cold is a nasty one. Mine lasted for 3 weeks of sucking fatigue with upper respiratory issues and cough and if I tried to do something once I started to feel better, it came back with a vengeance!
    Hope this helmet works out better, though I'd worry about not being adjustable. Too bad it cost so much more.