Monday, February 6, 2017


Last Wednesday, there was ice. Too dangerous to drive out to take a lesson, even if my trainer could have gotten there. Instead, we rescheduled for Saturday during the day. So daylight. But also wind. It was gusting up to 40 mph during the day. J came out with me to put more reflective tape on the edges of the trailer and then came back in and got lots of media for me.

Trailer tape.

Ashke felt very good as soon as I got on him on Saturday. He's been on his new supps for three days and I could already feel the difference. The increased levels of MSM seem to help his hip and the gut support seemed to be making a difference in how touchy he was about the girth. It also helped that it was in the upper fifties and not as cold, since he warmed up a lot quicker and was moving easier fairly quickly.

We started with leg yielding at the walk.
This is part of the test for L3 (Novice B) of WE

Leg Yield at the trot clockwise.

Leg Yield in the other direction

Working on the lead change at X on the diagonal

Working on our jump timing.
And trying to get us both comfortable with the concept.

Then over the very small jump at the canter.

We fail very hard.

Working over ground poles.

We are bad at these.

But we did get a bit better.

It's good for his butt.

Then finishing up with some more figure 8

I love this horse!! Hopefully, we will get lots of practice before Expo, since he just gets better and better.


  1. Those trot leg yields are lovely!

    My suggestion for jumping would be to bring your stirrups up one hole. :) That should be enough to give you a bit more stability over the fence, allowing you to drop your weight into your heels, while still keeping your leg long for everything else (since everything else, including the rest of the obstacles on a WE course, basically involve dressage movements. :) )

  2. I love how productive your lessons are! Having so many videos is great for reviewing and visualizing, too!