Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Soapstone Prairie

God, I love this place. It fills my heart to overflowing to ride at Soapstone Prairie. We did a ride on Saturday with a woman (A) from J's work, that J has been working with for eight years and who has become a friend outside of work, her daughter (I) and our son (T). It started out overcast and fairly cool. Short sprinkle to help keep things cool, with sun later in the day.

 Following J's friend, A, up from a ravine.

 Ashke was moving very nicely out on trail.

 One of my favorite pics from the day.

T was not impressed and spent the day looking like this.

 Going down a ravine. The terrain is awesome.

 K and Eddy.

 T and I, heading out to harass the cows.
The only time he was happy all day.

Ashke. My heart.

 Short break.

 Getting love from the fans.

Ashke loves T.

The ride was good. T ended up getting cactus stuck in his tires and hand walked his ride back the final two miles. We did 12.5 miles. Great time with A and I. Can't wait to do another ride.


  1. I LOVE the header picture. That is gorgeous.

  2. You so fortunate to have so many places to go and ride. here in So Cal we are lucky to board at a big ranch. But open spaces are rare.

  3. Greeting Karen. I am the Lead Ranger for the Natural Areas Dept for the City of Fort Collins. I am very glad to see you are enjoying Soapstone. I wanted to take a moment to let you and your friends know that visitors are required to stay on trail to protect our valuable resources at Soapstone. I observed that a couple of folks from your party are off trail in one photos. Thanks for helping us protect the resources and feel free to contact me at kpowell@fcgov.com if you have questions. thank you.

    1. Didn't realize that . . . we will be sure to abide by that rule on our next adventure there.