Monday, September 12, 2016


I swear to you, this year has really sucked in the "keep the horse healthy enough to ride" department.

We did not show. He is head bobbing lame on the RF after the shoes were put on. I treated with Magic Cushion and bute but to no avail. I am having the farrier back out to make sure he didn't quick Ashke on accident, since he is showing no signs of improvement. I finally twigged to the idea that maybe it was a misplaced nail that was causing this issue (I should have called the farrier back on Friday, but he had been off before, just not like this) and contacted the farrier last night. The good news is that he's been wearing the bell boots and not having any issues. Hopefully, this is a simple fix and we will be sound again this week.

Our show season is over and I managed to participate in one show in July. The good news is, I designed the course for our final show and with feed back from the Show Manager (making sure the left and right turns were balanced) we came up with a great course. If Ashke decides he really isn't interested in showing (we will be talking about this in detail in the upcoming months) I may have found my niche in being a Course Designer and Technical Delegate for WE. Woot for me. I do need to look into the TD certification process for WE United, but overall I think it could be a lot of fun.

Look for a write up about the show and pictures of the events in the next couple of days. First, I need to get my horse sound enough to ride again.


  1. Ugh, if it hasn't been one thing it has been another for the two of you. Hopefully you have used up all the bad luck in 2016. Course designing must be very involved to make sure it flows well, the course poses the right amount of difficulty yet is still manageable and is fun. Congrats on putting together a great course.

  2. Good luck with all! Thanks for update!