Sunday, September 21, 2014


 Did a ride up on top of North Table Mountain with Lisa on Amaar (who go home to their regular digs next weekend) and Mike on Bandit (another Kentucky Mountain Horse)

 Amaar handled his second real trail ride very well.

Lisa has huge balls. Nothing fazed her.

 It was a beautiful day with perfect temps for a ride without any shade.

 When we got onto the singletrack that leads around the mesa, Amaar was walking up Ashke's ass and it was becoming a dangerous situation. I let Amaar out in front and then Ashke jigged the entire trail. It was so bad that he began fighting the bit a lot, since everytime I eased off contact, he would try to canter. 

Lisa was completely okay with trotting or cantering these trails. On a green horse. With a steep dropoff to the right. She says she just doesn't look down.

 Mike and Bandit were cool with bringing up the rear.

 Lisa had to slow and wait for us to catch up, because when she got too far ahead Ashke started trying to dance off the trail. 

I was white knuckled and Ashke's mouth was bleeding by the time we got down. I think he nicked his tongue again. Different bit but same outcome as six months ago. I am going to take Saiph's suggestion and try a new style.

When we got to the switchbacks, Amaar almost backed off the trail, which was pretty scary to watch. Lisa let us back in front and Ashke just dealt with Amaar being in his ass. We made it back to the canal and mostly walked home. Amaar had some issues with manhole covers and women dressed in pink as we walked by. Overall, though, he did great.

As we started across the field in front of the arenas I made the mistake of congratulating us on completing the ride without anyone getting dumped and Amaar spooked and almost dumped Lisa. It was close. We won't do that again.


  1. That's a scary drop-off in that last picture! But what a gorgeous trail! Gracie's winter coat is starting to come in as dark as Bandit's. Glad everyone made it back safely.
    Back when I had Rhythm my spastic neuro gelding (before knowing about his issues), I went on our first trail ride with Mark and his solid bombproof QH gelding Beau. We had a great laid-back ride and on our way back, Mark remarked on how well both horses had behaved. He had barely finished the sentence when Rhythm bolted for no apparent reason, spooking Beau who also bolted and Mark almost hit the pavement. We were very lucky! But it became our own superstition too: no remarks on good equine behavior until safely back at the barn and off the horses!

  2. I love the look of those trails, though having so few trees on them is so different than what I'm used to! I'm one of these crazy ones who never noticed the drop offs. If I didn't ride trails with cliffs I couldn't do much riding here!

    And now you know: never comment on the ride until you're all the way home. My old trainer used to say trail riding was hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror. Yeah, I've had rides like that! Glad everyone was OK!