Sunday, September 7, 2014


We managed to drag the boy-troll from his lair and force him to spend time in the sun today. It was difficult. It required poking him with a long stick, threatening to take away his xbox, and a lever to get him in the truck. Our adventure was almost derailed by a lack of airpump, but we refused to be denied a family fun outing and quick thinking on our part resulted in full bike tires. Finally, we were ready.

Ashke LOVED riding with his boy. It felt almost like a race.

We did the Ralston Creek Trail again to give the boy a taste of that ride.

J finally got us cantering the hills along the golf course. Finally.

I felt Ashke slip on the far side of one of the hills, but couldn't see it in the video. He tucked himself and cantered down the backside. We could so do fox hunting, provided we didn't have to jump anything. :)

I love the willows along the creek. It was an awesome fall day. 

Ashke was pretty focused on what was behind us. It was a bit annoying. He didn't have that problem once we turned around. I think he is tired of riding this route.

You'd think we'd be going the same direction. 
This picture is the epitome of the teenage experience.

Ashke and I worked on keeping some contact but for him to carry himself naturally without giraffing. I think we both did pretty well. There was only a handful of times where he got pissy. One of those times was when I was trying to remount after I got off to check his boots. He stepped sideways as I went to pull myself up, stumbled over the edge of the sidewalk and almost went down. He got smacked with my open hand and then he stood still the second time. Of course, when I turned and walked him up onto the sidewalk, he tripped and almost fell. There was someone across the street that was moving furniture and he thought that was more important to stare at then to watch where his feet were supposed to go.

T did a lot of up and back. Up and back. I just don't have the environment where we can trot or canter fast enough to keep up with him.

Teenagers are not for the faint of heart. 
We fed him french fries afterward: trying to create an association between coming with us and food.
Our own version of Pavlov's dog.

We were on the same page going home, though.

Some skillz

I think the most fun that either boy had all day was cantering/riding next to each other. Ashke had a blast and really wanted to race T.

Pretty decent ride.

Out and back. My knees hurt really bad right now.


  1. Top speed 18 mph! Wow!!!
    Love how T and Ashke have matching colors.

  2. You should fox hunt! When I did it, all of the jumps were optional :)

  3. BAHAHAHAHA. Losing it over all of the T stuff and the snarky remarks. Gah, I don't miss being a teenager! I was totally rotten like that, too. Sad part? It seemed to totally make sense at the time.

  4. I absolutely love your videos! Also your trails are so great. I wish I had places where I could trot and canter that far.