Sunday, June 24, 2012

Twelve Weeks

It's been 12 weeks since we brought our boy home. So many steps forward and so many roadblocks. At least he looks really good. We changed up his feed today, cutting the grain entirely and changing from 3 flakes of alfalfa mix twice a day to 2 flakes of alfalfa mix and 2 flakes of grass. Plus the Amplify, at a pound per feeding, twice a day. Hopefully that will make a difference and correct the conditions that caused the ER to begin with. There was still a bit of a knot in his right haunch, but he was able to walk without a limp.

So, it was over 100 again today but we still made it out to the stable. Ashke was covered with yellow urine and poo. It was time for a bath.

He is beginning to really enjoy his bath. Doesn't hesitate to walk into the station. 

Doesn't even have to be tied tight any more.

I even managed to wash his face.

He tried to bite me, nibbling really. J missed the shot where his teeth were showing.

Did his tail.

What is it with chewing on stuff that isn't food?

All slicked up and soapy.

Cleaning between his ears.

Seems to love me.

Loves the water and the cool and hanging out with us.

12 weeks since we brought him home. I think he looks awesome.

And from the other side. We french braided his mane to keep him cool. Can't see his ribs any more.

Elegant head and such a sweet eye. I was asked today if I was going to show him. I would probably look at doing western reining if we were going to do something other than endurance. He turns on a dime.

Close up of his shoulder and hip. Based on the chart I posted a long time ago, he is probably between a 7 and an 8. You can just see a hint of his ribs, although I still think he is a little small in the haunches.

His back is filling in. Nice line between withers and tail dock. His dock has a lot more meat on it than it used to.

It's pretty easy to see how much growth Ashke has had in his hooves since we brought him home. He gets trimmed again on the 17th.

Not quite as obvious on his back feet. At least not in a picture.

I like big butts and I can not lie. Looks pretty thick from this viewpoint, doesn't it?

Yes, he was setting up to pee.

This was actually a good thing, since it gave me the opportunity to observe his urine. One of the indicators of the severity of ER is dark urine, since the dying muscle is processed through the kidneys. He had a very strong, bright stream of urine, with just a hint of brown toward the end. Not much at all, which gives me hope that it wasn't severe and it wasn't chronic. Chronic or reoccuring ER would pretty much end our hopes of competing in endurance.

He also moved around the pasture of his own free will, without pain. He didn't trot or canter, like he has done in the past, but the temp was over 100 at the time and I would have been worried if he had wanted to. All the signs point to his recovery without any issue. I hope that by Tuesday the hint of a cramp in his haunch will be gone.

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  1. He looks great! Love the picture of him nibbling you...great camera skills J!