Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nine Weeks and Counting

We spent a couple of hours this weekend riding in circles. I can't wait to get him out of the arena. Hopefully, sometime in the next week or so I will find someone to ride out with me on the trails. I can't wait. In the meantime, here are the videos from our time spent in the arena this weekend.

He is going very well at the canter. His transitions are coming along. My confidence is growing daily.

He has such a beautiful canter, and he is picking up his leads correctly. Makes me wonder if he was ridden before.

It was fairly warm and we worked until I could tell he was getting tired. One of the nice things about riding out on the trails is that it would mostly be at the walk.

After riding we went back to the barn and untacked him. Then we went to wash him. I ended up having to put him in crossties. He doesn't mind the water on his face, he loves it on his neck and shoulders, tolerates it on his back and barrel but then goes absolutely apeshit if its on his haunches.

He was pretty filthy. More green than white. I swear he knows when its Sunday because he is completely covered in poo when we get there. He looks much better clean.

I decided it would be good to compare the first clean pictures we had of him in comparison with the pictures today.

And then a couple that I thought were especially good from today.

We loves each other!

 At the canter in the round pen, which he is mightly bored with.

Since I only ever see him from the front, its always good to see pictures of his butt.

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