Saturday, June 30, 2012

13 Weeks

It's so hard to tell if he loves me. He was kissing my face with his upper lip. Almost a french kiss. Slobbery. How fun! Ashke is such a sweet horse and does a pretty good job of letting me know.

We were waiting for Nicole and Callie to finish working in the round pen and I was standing in the shade of the grandstand. Ashke was bored. His upper lip is very flexible. Ashke and I walked around the outside of the arena four times as our warm up before working in the round pen.

Ashke kept stretching out his nose and nudging me in the back of my left shoulder. He would jerk back and throw his head up in the air. I didn't react, just kept walking. He would do it again.

He is such a curious soul, always looking around.

We moved into the round pen and went to work.

Worked on backing up from the opposite side.

He does better from the left side, but finally got it from the right.

With that, we were done. We walked around the outside of the arena twice more to cool him off and then went to wash him. He is getting so good at standing for the hose and the water. Really curious though. He shoved his nose in the wash bucket.

Got milk?

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