Sunday, January 26, 2020

Spring in Winter

It's been unseasonably warm this January. No snow for the month to date, which has only happened four other times in recorded history. It has made for some pleasant riding outside on the weekends, provided the wind isn't blowing. Today was no exception.

This picture sums up everything about our current relationship that you might need to know.
Coming back into work is hard and he would much rather be a pasture poneh, thankuverymuch.

Half-pass through cones at the trot.

It was a difficult ride. We are both in a difficult place and I need to seriously channel my inner patience to weather this storm. I know there is something brewing beneath the surface for me and I am trying to work through it. After working on our arena stuff, we did a bit of a ride out of the arena, which seemed to help both of us immensely. I am looking forward to trail riding this spring.


  1. What a chunky monkey! Beautiful! And ... so white!

    1. He is sooooo dirty, but you can't see it unless you are close.