Monday, July 10, 2017


Subaru Ownership:

1. I don't drive inside the lines on the road very well. Specifically, I cheat the corners and am sometimes distracted. My car now beeps at me when it thinks I am getting too close. I think it must think I am a slow learner.

2. My dash is black. When it is dark, all of my dials glow a deep, dark red. Against the black interior, it is pretty cool, albeit sinister.

3. No one alive can say Antiope. J has taken to calling her chia. Pisses me off. She can just refer to Antiope as General!

4. I can set cruise control for a certain speed and distance from the car ahead of me and the car maintains a safe distance and speed without me touching the gas or brake. T thinks I have AI in my car. I should have named her Kitt.

5. Sunroof is awesome!! Nothing like driving with the hair sticking straight up on your head.

Ashke is finally mostly sound. I rode for about 40 minutes yesterday and he seemed happy to get back to work. He got more sound as the ride went on and I think that in part the front right was being aggravated by the right hind not being in work. He does better when he is doing dressagey things on a regular basis.

Going out to ride tonight, have a lesson tomorrow night, then getting stuff ready for our show this coming weekend.


  1. This has me laughing way harder than appropriate.

  2. I love the eyesight on my Subaru. Setting the cruise control and not having to worry about cars in front of me is so nice.