Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Catching Up

Ashke decided he was going to play stallion games with his gelding neighbor and ended up either giving himself a splint low on the inside of his RF, or badly bruised the bone. He also gashed the shin on his RH. He is a bit lame and I am unable to ride much right now. We did a loop around the back 40 on Thursday and he seemed fine. On Sunday, we did a short loop at Chatfield where he alternated between head bobbing lame and perfectly fine. He was still a bit off last night, although I do think it's improving, so who the hell knows. I have two weeks until our next show and I'm wondering if he will be sound by then.

I spent Saturday being very frustrated by the process of purchasing my next car. I thought I wanted a Highlander Hybrid, but after the service we received at the dealership designated by Costco for the purchase of Toyotas, we went a different direction.

We got a Subaru in Jade green with all the bells and whistles.

Meet General Antiope
(And if you don't know who that is, you need to go see Wonder Woman)

I love her and think she will be a great warrior for me going forward. My trusty steed and companion in arms.

It was a very long weekend though. It is neither easy nor quick to purchase a car.

In addition to spending so much time trying to purchase a car, we spent hours with our dogs. We have two and one of them could care less about fireworks, but the other gets very stressed. We tried Treatibles (cannibus in the form of CBD) to help her anxiety. It helped a lot, however it was still very stressfull. 

I will check on Ashke tomorrow again, and with any luck, perhaps he will be sound again. He's no longer getting to play with the geldings. He is out with a mare or he is in the round pen alone. He is the instigator and I just can't.



  1. Why does car shopping have to suck so much. It's like saddle shopping: it should be fun, but it's not. I love my Subaru, so good choice.

  2. Sorry Ashke decided he wanted a vacation...sigh. But welcome to Subaru ownership. Mine has 200,000+ miles, still going strong. But the new ones are looking pretty good!