Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Home Again

The trip was fairly uneventful. The dogs only tried to kill every motorcycle or bicycle on the road that they saw. The boy spent the night before the drive playing xbox and hanging out with his friends on line, then slept the entire drive. At least we didn't have to hear "are we there yet?"

 Skittle thinks she must be the closest to traffic in front of us.

Lily takes a turn after Skittle gets in the back seat again. Neither of them fit well with the other adult in that seat.
They are not small dogs.

 Cliff Swallows with nests.

I love swallows.

It was hot. Like 110 hot. We spent the week hanging out inside keeping my mom company, getting her drinks, food, ice, helping out around the house  and watching Criminal Minds. Oh. And playing Wooden Block on our phones. If you've never tried it, don't. Wery, wery addictive. 

 Morning we left. Sun coming up in the East over the mountains. 
I can never figure out where I am in Arizona. Mostly because the mountains are in the wrong direction.

 Salt River Canyon.
Saw the wild ponehs.
Didn't get pictures.

 More mountains.
It was very pretty at 5 in the morning.
Already 80 though.

 The one thing I love about Arizona is the Saguaro.
Don't know why. I just think it's cool.

 On the drive down, I saw this house.
It needed windows, a roof and a wall.
I thought "gosh, what a cute place, it just needs a little work and I could live there."
J thought, "that house was abandoned because everyone living there killed themselves."

 Everyone tried to pass the time by sleeping.

We were an hour away from home. Skittle was done.
I mean done.
She needed snuggles big time.

Ashke seeing me for the first time after ten days.

I had to wash him off before I could ride. He was sweet and responsive. We worked on transitions at our marks in the arena. Not much of a ride, but productive. The only bummer was that he's been messing with the scar tissue on his left hind. I think the long hair there is making it itch. I ended up clipping the hair off of his left hind fetlock which exposed strange scar tissue. It's almost like there's a scab there and the skin isn't smooth. I put some antibiotic cream on it then put him in a equisleeve (I bought these a while ago on sale). I'm hoping that keeps him from tearing it open. 

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