Thursday, June 22, 2017

Four Days

Before my trip to see my mom in Arizona, Ashke and I were fighting. I don't know if the maxim of "distance makes the heart grow fonder" works with horses, but we both seem to be past that point. My ride on Sunday, although short, was very good. My only issue was finding his left hind swollen and with a scab on part of the scar tissue.

I went out on Monday and clipped the hair around the scar tissue, finding the skin kind of swollen, although not hot, and scaley. I put some medicine on it (antibiotic steriodal cream I got from the vet) and covered it with an equisleeve. J went out on Tuesday to hold him for shoes and the sleeve was still on. When I got there Weds night, he had managed to shove it down under his fetlock around his pastern, and the leg was a little puffy both above and below the sleeve. I swear, horses!! I pulled the sleeve off and was happy to see that the leg looked better. The scaley part of the scar tissue was smooth.

Based on a conversation I had with Saiph, I covered the scar tissue with hydrocortisone cream. Hopefully, that will help keep it from itching and he will stop scratching it open.

I took him over to rinse him off since he was a dull yellow. I realized as I tacked him up for our lesson that I hadn't given him a good grooming in quite some time because he is always urine soaked. I told him that I would give him a good grooming at the end of the our ride.

He was fantastic during our lesson. I was quiet and calm and he was responsive and willing. We've managed to get past ourselves and I think the time apart made our hearts grow fonder. Now, if I can just maintain my calm on Sunday, we could have a great show.

After our ride, I spent a long time grooming Ashke. I used the sleekez (great tool), a rubber curry and a soft brush. We went over all of the parts several times until the sand around us was littered with piles of white hair. He was so happy he completely dropped. Like dangled. Even after I took a peak at it. It must have felt really good.

This weekend will be super busy. Keep your fingers crossed for me that we maintain our cool. I'll see you on the flip side.


  1. Time apart usually helps Nilla and I. If I ride her every day, our relationship gets contentious. 3 or so days a week and we're both happy to see each other.

  2. Fingers crossed! Have a great show!

  3. I hope the hydrocortisone helped! Do you still have the BoT Quickwrap that you used to use to protect his leg? Best of luck at the show this weekend! ❤️