Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Ashke has really put on muscle over his withers, along his shoulder, across his chest and in his hips. I credit Amanda and dressage for the transformation. I had the saddle fitter check his back a couple of days ago and we have plans to adjust the flocking in the saddle just a bit, however, he is not sore at all.

One of the things that has changed is his attitude. We have been spending a lot of time in the sandbox, which he used to hate, but now he seems to like it. My last few rides he has seemed almost lethargic, although he has plenty of energy when I ask for it. I've been worried and concerned, wondering if I need to tweak his feed (although he looks awesome). Last night it finally hit me.

He is being both obedient and submissive. With a ton of try.

That's what this is? No wonder I didn't recognize what was happening. We are in a brave new world. He's meeting me more than half way. He's trying even when it's hard. And he's sore. Because he is meeting me in the middle and letting me dictate the terms. He's trying so hard. I just have no words.

He and Sal explore a Bromance

Our lesson was a great one, hard but great. We did a lot of lateral work, adding in some new exercises to help strengthen and develop his inside right hind. And teach both of us more flexibility. We had a couple of steps of decent half-pass in each direction. It will take more practice for Ashke and I to figure out how to do it by ourselves, without Amanda calling out suggestions and commands behind us. That's more about me. It will take a while to make it pretty and do it on purpose, but it is a start on our next level for WE. 

Afterward, we took some pics of the little beefcake. 


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