Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I went to the barn to check on Ashke today and found that the bandage had slipped down his leg. The leg was slightly swollen about the wrap and I decided it would work best to try again with the wrap job. I walked Ashke over to the wash bay and unwrapped his leg, which he was mildly protesting, then cold hosed for almost 30 minutes. The slight swelling at the top of the cannon bone went down and the overall swelling in the leg went down.

The leg after 30ish minutes of cold hosing.

Ashke was protective of his leg, but not pain reactive. There was no discharge and the wound smelled clean. The slight bleeding that happened on Sunday did not happen today. The swelling was pretty localized to the wound and he was walking sound on it. The biting of everything around him was minimized and he ate the treat in his bucket eagerly while J was holding him. 

Second wrap

I used Elastikon this time, to keep the wrap from slipping. Ashke weighted the foot for me while I was wrapping and the Elastikon should stick to his hair on his leg and keep the bandage from slipping down. Ashke didn't want me to touch the wound while I was bandaging, but it was more of a toddler's reaction to being bandaged (Owwww, mom, that hurts. And I haven't touched the cut yet.) than the pain he was in two days ago. Overall, I am very pleased with how it looks and with how quickly it is healing.


  1. Good to hear!! I was thinking about you and him all day yesterday. <3

  2. Poor Ashke, well wishes your guys' way.

  3. on the plus side, you'll be an expert at this wound bandaging. : /
    but it is looking better!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond