Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Update: Lameness

. . . . on my part. . . .

I don't know how many times I am going to have to go through this process before it sticks in my head that Ashke needs to be on his Smartpak Rehab Joint supplement. Dr Ramey aside, this supplement works and works really well. This is the fourth or maybe fifth time I have decided to try something else and once again we went through the same process that we have gone through the last three or four times I have done this . . . .

Day 1: Switch the Smartpak supplement for something else.

Day 4: Gosh, does he look okay? He feels a little off. I wonder if it's his hoof? Or maybe his hamstring?

Day 7: Gosh, he just doesn't feel right to me. Does he look off to you, K?

Day 10: J? Can you see anything? Is he tracking up? Is it his RF?

Two Months Later: He sure feels stiff. And I can feel a slight hesitation.

In my defense, no one else can see what I am feeling. He looks sound to everyone else, but I can feel the hitch (I have no better word for it than that.) 

Four months later: duh!! I switched supplements! Time to go back on the Smartpak. He started getting it on Friday night and by Monday he was moving better.

Granted the past several times I did this it didn't take so long for me to make the intuitive leap between what I was feeling and the switch in supplements. I chalk it up to not being able to consistently ride for the past four months. It's easier to identify what is happening and connect it to a recent change in his supplement program, than if I am dealing with what seems to be a sudden change in his way of going. I feel like I should gently pound my head on the wall.

As far as the bruised fetlock and slight lameness we've been dealing with . . . . it has resolved itself (along with his chronic issues) and we had an incredible ride on Monday night. He was so good and we even got to work with some ground poles and our sidepass. I could feel him relax and ease into his gait about ten minutes into our warmup and there was no lameness, no hitch and he was tracking up well.

So, I decided to fix this issue once and for all. I put Saiph in charge of reminding me not to change supplements if I lose my mind in the future and decide that I should do this.

Ashke thanks you, Saiph!!!

The stupid, it burns.


  1. Some things just work! It's best to stick with those and not ask any questions... ;)

  2. I think everyone tries something new from time to time just to see if it would be better.

  3. You're not alone. I took Cartman off his E/SE supplement last spring. Couldn't figure out why he felt so off in canter a month later (like he had 8 legs!) Thankfully the dressage trainer promptly asked me if I was supplementing Selenium! Started him back and he was fine a week later. Go figure. Never again!