Friday, January 8, 2016

Hey SC-

I think your comment to my post must have been lost. I did get an email and since I have no other way to contact you - you get your own post. 

This is for anyone in the Denver Metro area that is interested in Working Equitation. We are having a party and everyone is invited,  even if you've never seen WE before. This is a great Club and a fantastic sport. A little bit dressage, a little bit like a trail class and a little like a horse race - we have it all.

The people involved in this club are wonderful and very supportive. There are trainers that can focus on the skills necessary to be good, and there will be shows this year!!! Come introduce yourself and see what this is all about!!

I'll be there and am very excited to meet any and all newcomers. I can't say enough good about this group.

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