Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cantering 2.0

Wednesday night J came out to the barn with me.

He would have been moaning if he could have.

 Derpy horse face loves scritches

When I came out, J said "I guess you do that a lot."
Such a good boy

I rode while J videoed.

Working on the Walk Pirouette

And the other direction.

Saiph found a great exercise to work on this which I am going to start trying during our ride. Ashke is trying so hard. He always lifts and braces when I ask for something complicated.

Cantering to the right.

Cantering to the left.

I like this exercise because Ashke anticipates and begins lifting his front end up to make the turn.

First Attempt at flying changes

Simple changes.

I started not being clear in my direction and he was confused for a bit, but we got it worked out. We had a very good ride overall.

 Even though it was dusk, he thought the water felt good.

Except on his penis.
Hates that.


  1. Love his derpy faces!

    I am super excited for you to see where you are in another month or two with these more advanced movements. Ashke has the idea already. You two are such a great team!

    My girls hate water on their udders. I think it's the whole cold-water-on-an-area-that-gets-really-hot thing. Though Gracie hates water under her tail even more: she'll clamp her tail down and tuck her hind end in.

  2. I love how he anticipates with the rollbacks! He looks like he's having so much fun