Sunday, July 26, 2015


A week ago, J, K and I went for a ride at Fairmont Vista. K has wanted to ride the Marshall Lake loop starting from Fairmont Vista, crossing the street and heading east to Colton road. Riding the loop in that direction means we would have ridden the long 3 mile hill downhill rather than uphill (talk about a canter hill set). It was a ten or so mile loop.

The trail was pretty rocky starting from this end and was rolling prairie. J was rocking it on Coyote. We had tried this loop a year or so ago and J couldn't do it on her old bike, but the new bike handled the terrain.

The weather was pretty good for this ride, since it has zero tree cover. We had a decent high cloud cover and temps in the low 70's. It would have been brutal in the full sun.

The rocks disappeared the farther to the East we were moving. I just love the varied terrain we have the opportunity to ride. This was an absolutely beautiful ride. 

There was a stock tank, which Eddy was encouraged to approach. Ashke drank a decent amount once he realized that there was water. He is so good about drinking when he has the opportunity. 

Crossing bridges that don't have sides or rails. FTW!!

Two and a half miles out K realized her cell had fallen from her pack. Somewhere behind us. We turned around and tried to retrace our steps, looking for a yellow and orange cell phone. We rode back to the trailhead and K found it right next to the trail sign. We decided to break for lunch.

 My new saddlebags. They have a insulated pack on one side and a normal pack on the other. It fits the back of the saddle really well, doesn't roll up under the edge of the saddle (like the stowaways) and they attach well. Kept J's pepsi cold. Sit nicely on top of the BOT western style pad.

 We opted not to traverse the rocks again and instead headed up the Greenbelt Plateau. This was not a great choice. J didn't realize that she was going to have to go up again on the way home.

 There were cows.

Eddy about lost his mind the last time there were cows.
He was much better on this ride.

 Riding under the Flatirons.
I am a very lucky woman.

 We did some cantering. Ashke loves to follow J.

 Once we got onto the canal, I mentioned to J that we could ride around the Marshall Lake loop, we could ride back up to the Greenbelt Plateau or we could ride Dowdy Draw backwards. J opted to do the Draw.

Riding Community Ditch toward El Dorado Springs.

 Headed up the Draw. J was hating life at this point. Lots of elevation. Lots of rocks.

 Going up Dowdy Draw.

 The Eds coming up behind us.

My Beast of a wife coming up behind the Eds.

A little over 11 miles of riding. J said it would have been better to do the loop in the opposite direction. Also, we still need to do the Marshall Lake loop, when it gets cooler.

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