Monday, June 22, 2015

Old Dog

August 11, 2004 to June 21, 2015

Named Guinness because she was Black and Tan.

Guinness was the most intrepid of the pups. She crawled out of the kennel bottom we had them in at three days old. She crawled up the three foot fence we had them in until they moved into kennels. Three times. And dropping onto her head. She was sweet, but not real smart.

She was the pup we went to court to keep. We knew when we went into the court room we would do whatever it took to keep our pack together. Guinness was so happy when we came home and told her we would be keeping her. She was J's from the very first and remained so for the entirety of her life.

She had a horrid underbite, but the sweetest face.

She was about nine months here. 

My Boxer Rainbow.
One of each color.

The three pups always laid together. Sometimes Joey would join them.

Guinness in the purple collar.

Xmas morning. Laying around.

Always touching.

Our sweet girl.

 She loved to camp.

 World's biggest tongue

She and Red were inseparable until Red passed.

Old Dogs camping.

Loved camping.

Guinness and Spike after Joey was gone.

 And then she was the Last Dog Standing.
She was riddled with cancer and we didn't think she had a lot of time, so we just waited.

Tumor above her eye.

She was really depressed when Spike died, so we got her two new puppies.
She wasn't real impressed.

Then she found her second wind. 

And she got older. An amazing amount of time older. 
Two and a half years after Spike died, she was still holding on.

Our last camping trip.

Sunday evening after dinner, Guinness got up and turned around on her bed. She whimpered as she laid down, which was the first time I heard her make any noise of pain. I watched her lay down and reach back for her butt. She was in pain and I could see the muscles under her skin twitch in her stomach. I called J and when she came down she said it was time. We loaded her into the car and headed for the hospital. 

While we waited for the vet to come and release Guinness, Guinness paced in circles moving between J, T and myself, trying to comfort. We got her laid down and the vet administered the sedative. Guinness laid her head on J's thigh as she laid down. In a few moments she was free. 

My boxer rainbow was gone. The Last Dog Standing joined her sister and her brother, who she really missed. 

We miss her so much.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a furry family member is very difficult. Someday in the future she will show you her last gift to you: a smile on a bad day as you remember her, a laugh when you think of something silly she used to do, a warm fuzzy feeling at all the moments of love. You guys are in my thoughts.

  2. Thinking of you, Karen. This post brought tears to my eyes. We always miss them but they never leave us: either they stay in spirit form for a while and we can feel them close by, or they come back to us. Rest in peace beautiful Guinness. Big hug for you Karen. <3

  3. Big hug and tears from here as well to you, Jen, and Tristan. I'm so sorry, but know you had a wonderful time together during her life. You will have so many pups to greet you when it is finally your turn to cross the Rainbow Bridge! Remember them all with love and happiness. Love, Kate, Joker, and Merlin

  4. What a beautiful dog, so sorry for your loss

  5. Sweet sweet girl. Hugs to you and J and T.

  6. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face -- having been through what you also have gone through several times. It's so hard to lose a trusted friend and member of the family. There is comfort I'm sure in knowing that you all gave her, and her siblings, a wonderful life. Cherish all the memories. Take Care ~

  7. I'm so sorry, what a lovely dog and great photo tribute. I'm sure the "last dog standing" will stand forever in your hearts.