Friday, June 12, 2015

New Trail

We got back from camping on Monday afternoon. Tuesday we spent driving around the Greater Denver area retailing. I scored on three new pairs of boardshorts for $5 a piece and J got two new jerseys for about $15 each. The boardshorts I got retailed for $65 (which is insane to me) and the jerseys retailed for $125 each. Score!!! And I love boardshorts!! T got himself a new knife (and he hasn't managed to cut any body parts yet) at a decent discount. We then tried a new to us restaurant called Hurricanes, which was a great theme when you walked inside. However, all three meals came out wrong. The pulled pork was too salty to eat and the service was absolute crap. Then we went to Sports Authority and got T a new pair of running shoes for about a third of what they normally run. So, all in all, a great retailing day.

On Weds, I went out and rode Ashke in the indoor for almost an hour. We did simple walk, trot and canter in both directions, working on staying relaxed and slowing our gaits. His trot is becoming very floaty when he is moving slower. It was a very good ride.

On Thursday, we took T out to the barn and made him go on a ride with us. I found a way to the canal at the base of North Table Mountain. It was a decent ride, although if the mileage was correct, the Fairmont Trail or the Ralston Creek Trail could be 16 to 20 miles.

 It is so green.

 The grass was so long that it got caught up in the derailers of both bikes.
J was riding her Marlin, not Coyote.

 Some of the trails were incredible.

 There was a lot of Willow trees and the trees were overgrowing the path.
It was a great trail.

 We stopped at a park and T played for a bit, then I pulled Ashke's boots. 
He moves so much less tense when he is barefoot. I'm going to try only riding him in the gloves when it's real rocky.

 We crossed two small creeks. Ashke walked very nicely through them instead of trying to jump. It was a good change.

Ashke was very up on the way back, but listened much better in the shank grazing bit. 

Close to nine miles in just about two hours. And T even seemed to enjoy the ride.

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  1. I can't wait to hear how Ashke does over time with more bare work. Q is more tense with her boots on than without, too!