Monday, August 18, 2014


Do you remember this?

It is the browband I made for Elizabeth Lord. We traded the browband for a photo session with Ashke. We finally made it happen this last Sunday.

All photos are copyrighted by Elizabeth Lord. They are to look at and not touch, please.

 Lot's of Ashke. A few of me.

 I shaved his mane again, since Pico had eaten the bottom six inches and left massive bites on his crest. This way there is nothing for him to grab onto.

My horse has got a purty head

I lurvs him

 We have learned to leviatate

Fancy foot work

He is moving much better. The Magic Cushion seems to have done it's job. 

He is not shaved or oiled. Just turns naturally black in the late summer.

 Best picture of me all day.

 This one is going to be printed and framed.

After we got some pics of Ashke, we brought the other two grey Arabian geldings into the arena.

They are all SE Arabians and related.

Ibn and Ashke have met before. There was no squeeling or kicking.

 A fav

 Ashke and Ibn
 Ibn, Amaar and Ashke

 Ashke, Ibn and Amaar

 It's amazing to see them in stride when they are running next to each other.

 Amaar is very fleabitten so he looks a darker grey - it is due to the multitude of large chestnut flecks all over him

 Getting jiggy with it

 Another Fav

 It's choreographed

 There is a very famous picture of four white Arabians.

This is not that picture.


There were jumps in the arena so we made a chute to see if we could get them to free jump. Ibn went over the small crossrail.

 Ashke had a different idea

 Why do something easy when . . . 

 you can be a deer instead?

 His ears say it all. I do not have a jumping horse.

 Over all body condition looks good



Could he look any happier?

And then he tries to eat my head.


Thanks Liz for some awesome pics.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous photos! The ones of Ashke with Ibn and Amaar are incredible. My favorite is the one of Ashke with his head down coming towards the camera (6th from the bottom). Made me think of something Georgia O'Keeffe would have painted if horses had been one of her subjects! His love for you is heart-melting.

  2. My favorite was the same as Saiph's. =) He's so strong now - love that he chose to jump, even if he regretted it haha.

  3. I didn't realize what a BEAUTIFUL head Ashke has until I saw these photos!
    It's obvious he loves you.

  4. Ashke is so beautiful and the photos are amazing. I think my favorite is the one you titled "Loving" because it shows such a strong bond and how much he loves you. If it were me, I think I'd have to frame all if the photos.

  5. Beautiful pictures! The three of them together, stunning. And the Loving pic is perfect!

  6. Wow!!! These are amazing! I love them! Ashke is so gorgeous and I never realized how typey his head is. Wow! I love how all three gray Arabians have little pink snips hehe. That was a great trade!