Saturday, August 23, 2014


You would think that taking a week or so off to let your horse's foot heal and grow some bars (which I am happy to report he has done in record time) would not cause the rider to lose both stamina and strength.

I feel so old.

It's not the years . . . it's the mileage.

I went out late this afternoon and rode in the outdoor arena. We set out two barrels for us to work with, but mostly it was supposed to be about the canter. We worked for about 45 minutes and most of the work was cantering.

We had to stop alot so I could catch my breath. And one time to let the very painful stitch in my right side subside. I was panting, sweating and huffing like a nymphomanic in a room full of naked people.

It was very sad.

As an aside, you should google or search on YouTube for the video of the song "I don't look good naked any more". It is riotous.

I really don't know why cantering is so much more work now. It was the only gait I ever rode in when I was a kid. And I was riding bareback. I know I am relearning the gait, just like I had to do the walk and the trot, plus this is the gait we have ridden the least so far, hence the need for the winter of the canter. All of that aside, I feel like I am struggling with the pace and rhythm of Ashke's stride. It feels very short. It doesn't look short in the videos though. So, again, I refer you to the above: I feel old.

I can feel an improvement, though. I can see my stamina growing. I have found the zone a couple of times and have exulted in the harmony and fluid movement with Ashke. Hopefully, come spring we will be owning the canter.

At the very end of the last video, we were cantering away from the barrels and I used the neck rein to turn him to the left. He turned so fast that I almost biffed it. He just stepped out from underneath me. I snatched at the reins and caught myself in the outside stirrup, but it was close.

He didn't mean it, it was just a quick turn.

Didn't make me feel any younger, though.

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  1. Oh Karen, you are a young pup, not to worry. I'm 62! I remember thinking I was old when in my 40s. Ridiculous!