Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VCMBH: Favorite App

L from Viva Carlos has another blog hop: "We live in some pretty cool times, at least sometimes I get awestruck thinking about the technological shift from me being born to today. (Though simultaneously being upset that I can't just jack a flash drive behind my ear ala William Gibson's Neuromancer. Simply put, what is your favorite horse or horse related App for the iPhone or Android device? Don't have one.. what about a favorite horse related or riding website?"
I was beyond done with Runmeter. I liked the app when I first downloaded it because it did a decent job tracking my ride, it had a map function and I was able to customize it to some extent. It did not, however, have a selection for horseback ride. Since then, the app has updated and has become a real pain in the ass. I can't seem to figure out how to customize what I see, the speed and pace functions don't always work well with the speed at which horses travel and the map function can be glitchy. What I really want is an app that is designed to track horse rides.

I have searched a number of times in the past and haven't found anything I thought would work better than what I have. This time, when I searched for Equine apps, I found EquiTracks.

I love this app. If you are tracking mileage or trail rides or workouts, this is the app to have.

You can find it here: http://appcrawlr.com/app/show/1120460 and it comes for iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

I used it the first time yesterday and my results rock!!

This is the opening screen. The app allows the option of working and tracking more than one horse. The speed button at the top will tell you how quickly you are moving at the time you look at it. I was standing still when I finished the ride. I'm not sure I am good enough to be traveling at speed and check my phone at the same time.

Very nice map feature.

It auto-filled the weather and location based on GPS coordinates. I added the ground conditions (which have limited options) but then I could add notes to the ride so if we ride this trail in the future, I can refer back to the things we experienced when planning the ride. I absolutely love this part of the app. And, you can link to the map of your ride.

It allows you to post the ride report to your FB or Twitter account.

It will keep an accumulated history of your rides (of which I only have one), and track the above items on an all rides basis.

What makes this really awesome, is the customizable programs you can build into your app. You set up what you want to do in the arena for the length of either time or mileage, and turn it on. The app will alert you when you should change what you are doing. So, if I wanted to work on trot-canter transitions for five minutes, I could set that up as an alert to let me know when I had reached that threshold.
You can set up multiple programs.
This app is a five star app. The only thing I would want to add is an elevation loss/gain tracker for our region. All of our trails are up and down and that contributes to the use of energy. It would just be good to be able to see that as well. Otherwise, this app was completely worth the $4 I paid for it. It was obviously designed by someone who rides.


  1. How cool! I don't trail ride but what a fun way to see everything!

  2. Looks like an awesome app. Not sure if you can run 2 at the same time, but endomondo is neat and has the elevation that you're looking for!

  3. WHOA That looks brilliant! I used Everytrail in the past but I've become increasingly frustrated with it, the app is very buggy and they no longer update their website. I was going to change to Mapmyride or some such, but I will download this one for sure!