Tuesday, June 3, 2014

VCMBH: Breed Your Beast

If my gelding were a mare, who would I breed him to . . . . setting aside all those iffy questions of backyard breeding, unwanted foals, etc.

I would stay Straight Egyptian Arabian, with an outcross away from the Thee Desperado bloodlines.

My choices would be:

Farhoud Al Shaqab
Bred in Qatar. Raised in the desert with great legs and all desert attitude. This would be my first choice.

Kamal Ibn Adeeb
Out of the same lineage as Farhoud, but standing in Texas.

GR Moneef
Standing at Rothenberg Germany
I really like this stallion, although I would probably end up with a grey foal. I think he is stunning.
Dang good thing I own a gelding, because this would just be too tempting.


  1. They are all gorgeous Karen!!

  2. OMG they are all so GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  3. The arab people know how to take pictures that's for sure!