Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Last night was my final straw.

When I got to the barn to ride, Ashke had more bites on him, this time on his left side throat latch. Deep enough to break skin, rather than just skim off the hair. I was done. He is getting tore up and no one seems to be taking me seriously.

I tethered Ashke in the grooming stall and went to find the BM. I made her walk back to the grooming stall to inspect the wound on Ashke's throat (right over the jugular) and this time she took action. They moved Aron and Pearl. Aron is the one doing the damage to Ashke, and we think he may have hurt himself kicking out at Ashke, so they isolated him between two mares. Mares don't put up with that shit.

Maybe Ashke will get a second girlfriend.

I didn't ride or even watch N's lesson, which was my intent, because the puppies got out of their kennel, pooped in the house eight or nine times during the day, walked through it and then got on J's pool table. We almost had puppy stew. I went home to help, because cleaning up that kind of mess is not fun. Hopefully, we have the issue with opening the kennel fixed - both latches closed and a bungie holding the door as well - so we won't have a repeat of the incident.


  1. Ugh. I hate that for you. My first horse had issues like that with a bunch of bully pony mares. I moved him across town! Haha.

    I hope this fixes everything. Those kinds of bites are very discouraging and frightening.