Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I didn't, but J and T did. I rode with N while J and T and J and R went fishing.

The barn had a show on Sunday, which I opted not to show in, since no one could tell me what the trail event entailed, and riding out with N and Cali is much more fun.

It was warm, but the horses seemed pretty happy, especially happy to be with one another. Ashke loves riding out with Cali.

Cali did great until the final mile and a half. She was pretty tired by then. Ashke was still pretty up, but then he's used to traveling that far.

We walked and trotted and cantered some. Mostly walked though, with some nice trotting. Ashke didn't want to trot with his head down, whether it's because his back was tired or if he was behaving the way he was because of Cali (she was in horrible heat and one moment all over him, the next nipping and pinning at him. Poor confused boy) he really fought against relaxing into contact. So, I rode him on a loose rein with one hand most of the day.

J, J, T and R had ridden out ahead of us, so they could maximize their time fishing. J and T have fly fishing poles and J and R were spinner fishing. J and T managed to lose two flies each and both were pretty frustrated by the end of the day. Might try Barr Lake next time - less undergrowth around the edges of the lake.

When we got to the lake, both horses went into the water, although it took some convincing for Ashke. He was disturbed by the wrack at the edge of the water. Once in, they both began pawing, which was entertaining, but more so once Cali began lifting her hoof completely out of the water and smashing it down like a kid stomping in a puddle. I was soaked and Ashke was very wet at the end of that interlude. N and I were both laughing like complete tools. It was too funny for words.

On this long uphill, Ashke and Cali were trotting and Ashke kept jumping the yucca, the sage and any other clumps of green he came across. Makes me so happy, since it is a great indicator of how strong his back is getting, and his haunches.

Can you tell the boy wasn't happy about having to stand still? He is a keep going kind of horse.

He finally lifted his ears. I think N took about a dozen photos. He looks awesome. I wish I didn't look so dumpy. Getting older sucks.


Boys on bikes on their way back to the barn after fishing.

J and J bringing up the rear, carrying the fishing poles for themselves and the boys. It was hot. There were no fish. They were done.

When we got back to the barn the horses were hot and sweaty. N took Cali into the wash stall first and then it was our turn. Ashke, who has been walking in for weeks at the offer of a peppermint, refused. I was hot and tired. I was on the breaking point of losing my cool when N came back over and said, "K, you know you are tired and frustrated right? Take a deep breath and relax." Somehow, that's all it took for me to realize I was frustrated enough to make bad choices. N came over and calmly got Ashke to walk into the wash stall. It was wonderful that she was able to help and I was very grateful. He was happier once the sweat was washed off of him and he was fed carrots in his stall.

I got a new phone on Saturday and my app isn't set up the exact way I want it.

Longest ride Cali has done, so far.


  1. Great photos!! Ashke is so gorgeous, and I love the little brown splotch on his shoulder. :) Most grey Arab's are just plain, but I think the spot makes him even more special. :) I rode yesterday too, with my mother and her very spirited Appaloosa that acts like an Arab. Then my lazy horse of course, can't leave out my baby. ;) My mom has owned several Arabian's and helped to break a lot as well, she loves yours! :)

    1. So, the little brown splotch on his shoulder is a place where his fly sheet, which is too small this year, rubbed all the hair off. He does have some interesting marks though . . . he has a skull and crossbones on his left stifle, and some splotches on the back of his legs. He also has a bunch of white markings on his legs, his face and his belly, but you can't really see them because most of his hair is white. Most of his skin color is black. It's pretty wild.

      I love appys. My heart horse as a kid was an Appaloosa mare, blue roan, who was the best horse ever. I could, very literally, take her any where, which led to some bad choices on my part, with no consequences. Maybe I'll see if I can find some old photos and scan them and post them. That would be fun. Or better yet, take pictures of pictures and post them.

    2. That's cool!!

      My mom has had quite a few Appaloosa's!! She was known for taking the crazy horses that nobody could handle or wanted in and making them worth while. :) Her heart horse was an ugly App mare who was ironically named Beauty. The horse could barrel race like nobody's business, she raced cars and outran them a lot of the time. She loves the crazies! :)) I'd love to see pictures of her!