Thursday, February 21, 2013

Puppies are a lot like Babies

I got up 10 times between midnight and six last night. Some of those times were due to needing to poo, some of those times were just because the puppies wanted to play in the snow. At three in the morning. Eh.

They are thirteen and a half weeks old and they seem to be upside down with their schedule. They seem to think night time is the time to play. Unfortunately, they also are going through the "put everything in their mouths", which includes socks, towels, drywall, carpet, so they can't be left out unsupervised.

They also have zero boundries. They bounce the old dog. They bounce the cats. Siska chases they with his claws out, which is pretty darn funny. They tackle and lick all over T. They lay on the back of the chairs. They try to chew the electronics. They play in the laundry.

They are not even close to sleeping through the night. J and I think we need to do more with them in the evening so they are at least a bit worn out when we go to bed. I think we should run them up and down the stairs, take them for a walk in their new "comfort" harnesses (love these), wrestle, play in the snow and otherwise do as much activity as possible before bedtime. I don't think I can handle another night like last night.

She really is sitting on the rung of the chair.

T told me this morning that he was really sorry that I didn't get any sleep last night. I answered that it couldn't last forever. Hopefully, not more than another two months. I'm so tired that I am having trouble staying awake on my drive home from work. And I haven't been out to see Ashke all week. They are replacing the lights in the arena (out of 170 lights, 107 were burned out) and expected the arena to be closed on Wednesday. It should be exciting to ride in there with full illumination.

I also hope to get my new pentax camera today. It is drop proof, shock proof, crush proof, dust proof, waterproof, cold proof, 16 megapixel, 5x optical zoom, 7.2x digital zoom, max resolution of 4608 x 3456 pixels and max video resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. And it takes great photos. It comes with a carabiner strap and should be pretty horse riding, picture taking perfect. I've been using J's Nikon coolpix, but am always worried I am going to fumble it getting it out of the case I carry it in. This one I can just dangle from my hydropack (once summer gets here) or on a lanyard around my neck (during the winter). Looks like it should be pretty bomb proof for the price.


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    1. Dom - Like babies, it's a survival thing. They are very expressive with their ears and I love watching them flick flat when they are happy to see me. I love watching them respond to praise. I even appreciate their response to my not so happy, "It's been five minutes" snarl at 4 this morning, which made me stop and let them know I still love them. (I have to be careful, since I am the pack leader, to maintain my leadership as quiet, careful and fair.) It's exhausting, though.